comiXology is running a half-price sale on Vertigo digital comics from 7/2-7/4. Of the many Vertigo titles on sale for 99 cents, these in particular caught my eye:

  • Death: The High Cost of Living #1-3
  • Sandman #1-8
  • Animal Man #1-9
  • Hellblazer #1-9
  • Preacher #1-7

So far I’ve bought Death and downloaded the first free issue of Animal Man. When I last checked, Sandman #1-8 was still listed at the non-sale price of $1.99/comic, so I’m waiting for comiXology to update the Sandman listings to the weekend sale price. The rest I may or may not try based on past experiences and recommendations from friends.

I read the first trade paperback of Preacher many years ago. Not all of it was to my tastes, but I loved the unromantic presentation of the vampire Cassidy. I might pick up the digital version of the comic for Cassidy alone. I’ve also heard good things about Hellblazer and Grant Morrison’s Animal Man.

Decisions, decisions…